Camellias are found in Eastern and Southern Asia from the Himalayas through to Japan and Indonesia. From the genus flowering plant in the family Theaceae. There are around 100 to 300 species of Camellia and about 3000 hybrid varieties. 

Camellias are evergreen shrubs with glossy leathery leaves and very showy flowers opening in winter or spring time. Giving a unique beautiful display of colour early in the year at a time when little else is flowering. When the buds appear and the flowers open in winter and spring they are tender to slightly hardy so may spoil if not protected from the frosts. 

Planting, Soli type, Conditions, Watering & Pruning 

Being woodland plants Camellias are best grown in a sheltered position in part or full shade away from cold winds and early morning sun. They are ericaceous plants which need to be grown in acid soil. If this is not possible it is recommend that Camellias are best grown in containers of ericaceous (acidic) compost. 

The best water to give Camellia plants is rain water as there is usually too much calcium in tap water in hard water areas which can eventually reduce the acidity around the roots of the plant. However during the summer they can be watered with some tap water if needed. 

Camellias would need to be pruned immediately after flowering in the spring to shape and size if needed. Pinch off the tips of the branches to help plants bush out. Can also be hard pruned if the height and size need to be greatly reduced. Dead head flowers if required.

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